Live Chat Support

Connect Engage & Convert  Customers.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat for your Business

  • Now you can convert more visitors and increase revenue

  • Upselling and Cross-selling will boost ROI

  • You will be getting more returning customers

  • Our response time is less than 15 seconds

  • Our turnaround time is 24 hours or less

  • You will be spending less on customer support as Live chat is cheaper than Phone support

Never Miss Opportunity

Use valuable lead information gathered through chat to follow up with all potential customers, shortening the sales process and building relationships.

Launching Live Chat is
surprisingly easy.

As you prepare to offer live chat on your site, we’ll help you develop a custom script. Between the warm engagement of a live agent, and the extra information available in your personalized script, your visitors can expect a positive experience. Learn more below.

1. Install a small piece of code to
your website.

2. Customize the style and behavior of
your chat widget.

3. Monitor visitor activity via a simple dashboard.

Engage Every Visitor

Visitors expect their queries to be addressed immediately. With InteractBPO 24/7 receptionists, there will always be a available to help represent your company and provide exceptional customer service.

Online Visitor Tracking

Use the live visitor queue to start conversations and turn visitors into loyal customers. 

Show customers you care by reaching out to offer a helping hand using insight from previous activity.

Web Analytics

Capture and export data on your visitors, leads and customers.

Gain insights on your website and web chat performance and never let a lead go cold again.

Customizable Widget

Customize the chat widget with brand colors, icons and more to give customers an on-brand experience every time.


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Live Chat Support


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$300 / Month


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$500 / Month


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$1000 / Month

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